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Aesthetic Clinic

Aesthetic Clinic

Whitstable Beautiques  Aesthetic Clinic is held monthly with our Aesthetic practitioner Jennie  who has  over 20 years experience in the Beauty and Aesthetic industry as a practitioner, qualification developer and senior lecturer, working both internationally and in the UK. 

Jennie will be offering  aesthetic treatments ranging from dermal fillers, line, winkle and anti-ageing treatments including injectables, vitamin treatments  and clinical skin solutions to improve skin problems,  texture, tone and pigmentation.  

Jennie has a real passion for client care and is approachable, friendly and able to offer advice as to the best options tailored to each individual clients needs. 

The Aesthetic industry is ever changing and Jennie prides herself on continually updating her professional skill set, if there is a treatment you are interested in and it is not advertised on the website please ask as she will be more than happy to give you a consultation. 

Treatments Available

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid, injected to add hydration, contour & definition and to smooth and reduce visible line

LIPS ..........£170 (45 mins)
CHEEKS..............£170 per ml (45 min)
MARIONETTE LINES ..........£170 per ml (45 mins)
NASOLABIAL FOLDS (nose to mouth lines) .......£170 per ml (45 mins)

Line & Wrinkle treatments

Consultations are available

Prices available upon successful consultation

Skin Boosters

A pure Hyaluronic Acid ( HA) that improves skin quality Skin tissue enhancer that remodels 3 main factors: Collagen, Elastin and Adipocytes (fat cells)

PROFHILO .......... £450 for 2 treatments
Treatments need to be 4 weeks apart and you must have 2 to gain the optimum effects.

After the 2nd treatment quarterly maintenance of 1 treatment

£250 for 1 treatment


Blood is taken and Platelet Rich Plasma is extracted from the blood. Known as ‘liquid gold’, it is then injected into specific areas to improve skin concerns or micro needled into the skin to improve and boost overall skin tone, texture and appearance.

1 Treatment .......... £110

3 Treatments ......... £300

To obtain the maximum results a course of 3 treatments is advisable

Vitamin Treatments

Vitamin treatments can aid with energy & balance better moods, deeper sleep, mental clarity, balanced immune system, higher metabolism & weight loss Contact us for more information

From £40

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

A revolutionary, advanced medium grade peel, suitable for all skin types. This sub-dermal peel penetrates deeper than a superficial peel and softens fine lines and wrinkles, reduces age spots and pigmentation, peeling away surface damage and lightening underneath damage, without pain. 5-7 days downtime.

VI PEEL .......... £250 per treatment (60 mins)

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